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Open Communication

  We all want to be wanted, need to be needed, and love to be loved; but how well do we communicate our wants, needs and desires to our lover?  And how well does your lover listen to you and

Deeper Intimacy & Bonding

  All roads lead to intimacy and the deeper bonding that takes you and your lover to that special place only you can share. Your intimacy turns the ordinary to extraordinary and makes your life magical. As I was combing through

Mind-Blowing Sex

How would you rate your sex life in terms of happiness and satisfaction? Is it bad (or worse), good, or great? And what about your lover? How would he or she rate your sex life? Would you both like to go from

Your Alternative to Marriage Counseling

Your Alternative to Marriage Counseling

Friday Night Delights was developed as an alternative to conventional marriage counseling; which may not be right for many couples for a variety of reasons. Marriage Counseling is open-ended, meaning you can’t know in advance how long it is going...

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Ken’s Top Tens

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