Denver’s Relationship Coach, Ken Holloway, brings a great amount of energy and enthusiasm to this provocative and fun-filled event. Ken is deeply passionate about helping couples in conflict—with an emphasis on sexuality, opening the lines of communication and deepening the bonds of caring and understanding that help restore peace and harmony to troubled relationships.

Bring back the fun and playful passion to your love nest.

Ken’s work is designed and proven to help bring about resolution and transformation.  You and your partner will rediscover each other and reconnect in new ways that will take your relationship to a whole new level. Friday Night Delights is inspired by ancient wisdom and the cutting-edge techniques pioneered by Tony Robbins and Cloé Madanes.

Ken developed Friday Night Delights as a result of his many years of education and experience; including 55 years at Life U, a BA in Psychology from California State University, and post-graduate work including board-certified hypnotherapy and Strategic Intervention Coaching from Robbins/Madanes Training.

On the personal side of things, Ken suffered a painful divorce followed by a major bout of depression, and that’s when he committed to studying Psychology and relationship counseling. “I wanted to learn how to help other people avoid all the pain and suffering I went through. This is my calling and I am fortunate to help couples let go of the pain and the struggle, let go of the hurt, and learn how to celebrate their love for life and each other. I help couples bring back the happy.”

In addition to his experience and education, Ken continues his life-long fascination with human potential and life-mastery. This includes building an extensive library as well as writing some popular ebooks of his own. Ken promotes his work through local networking, social media, public speaking, and hosting his own podcast.

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