All roads lead to intimacy and the deeper bonding that takes you and your lover to that special place only you can share. Your intimacy turns the ordinary to extraordinary and makes your life magical.

As I was combing through thousands of photos for this website, there was always room to wonder what was going on with pictures of couples walking, talking, fighting, having sex and being romantic. But when it came to the photos of couples enjoying their intimacy, you could just feel it. It’s palpable. No explanation necessary. Just two people enjoying being intimate with each other and basking in the glow of love.

A touch, a knowing glance, the look when you can’t believe someone could be so beautiful, or the feeling when you hug your lover and he or she hugs you back even harder. That feeling of joy you get when you feel like the happiest person on Earth.

Alas, familiarity breeds contempt and the bloom fades. According to experts, the rush of falling in love and the honeymoon phase diminishes around two years into most relationships. And one of the big tests of a relationship is the seven year mark. To make matters even more interesting, relationships are affected by major life changes, such as having children, changing careers or a major relocation.

In the ideal, you and your lover have a choice of two directions:  You can develop and enjoy more intimacy, deeper bonding and connection, better and hotter sex, and everything that is good about your special relationship. More love, more respect, more caring, more giving.  Truly cherish each other.  Or, you can go in the opposite direction with less of everything that’s good—even to the point of being tedious, hurtful and passive aggressive.

At Friday Night Delights, we help you go in the right direction. We will help you and your lover figure out what you need to know about the six human needs, the three levels of relationships, the key differences between male and female energies, and the Law of Polarity.

You will learn things about men and women that you never knew existed and it will shed light on what you can do to heal the hurt, understand your lover like never before, and spend the rest of your life celebrating your love for each other.


You can build a relationship that most people only dream about, and spend the rest of your days knowing you’re with the right person. It’s part of our human nature to wonder if we hit the love jackpot or if the grass is greener on the other side. But when you and your lover commit to cherishing each other and deepening your bonds of intimacy, you’ll be able to leave all that “what if” stuff in the past. You’ll be too busy being happy.

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