If you’re a guy and you want to win your woman, body mind and soul,
be sure to 
follow this list of Ken’s Top Tens. (And ladies, if your Mr. Wonderful
is Mr. Clueless, you can print out this list and staple tape it to his forehead.) 


1.         Take good care of your health.

Good health is the first wealth.  To be at your best (which is what your woman deserves) you should be vigorously healthy, strong, and fit.  Women like big muscles, broad shoulders, a flat stomach and a tight butt.  If you want to get the most out of life and enjoy all the charms and sweet delights of your special woman, eat a nutritious balanced diet of whole foods, get enough quality sleep, stay well-hydrated, promote wellness, practice prevention, eliminate stress, and reduce your exposure to toxins, pollutants, drugs and TV/media.


2.         Take pride in your appearance & grooming.

Women love a man with good taste who is well-groomed, well-dressed, smells good, has a great smile, fresh breath, and a good looking haircut.  You don’t have to wear the latest fashions, but whatever you do wear should be in good condition, clean and pressed.  Whatever look you and your woman like, you should wear it with style and conviction. Own it.  Make sure your woman is proud to be seen with you and happy to latch onto your arm.


3.         Whatever you are, be your best.

Whatever you do for a living, it is your possession; so take pride in it and always strive to do your best.  Be successful at it and command top dollar.  Be happy with your plans and career goals.  Share your gifts.  Find your calling and your Dream Job.  Make sure you understand the difference between being busy and being productive.  Be a person of impact.  Live your true purpose and make sure the rest of your life is in alignment with that.  Being successful includes living within your means and being realistic about your lifestyle decisions. You can, and should, master the money game once and for all (so you don’t spend the rest of your life struggling with money).  If you don’t have these areas mastered already, you should consider hiring a good coach.

4.         Always be a gentleman.

The art of being a man includes making your woman feel like a lady, and you do that by acting like a gentleman.  You open doors for her, let her take your arm, guide her, always have her back, be on your best behavior, follow your table manners, and be polite. Say please and thank you.  Show her that you care and that what is important to her is important to you too.  Be kind and patient with others, especially when you are out with your woman.  A gentleman would never be rude, obnoxious, or have too much to drink.


5.         Project an air of quiet strength and confidence.

A woman can’t help but be impressed by a man who reeks of confidence and quiet strength.  This usually means you have to be an accomplished man with many skills such as building a fire or grilling a perfect steak.  Whatever you do, do it well and the confidence will come through.  You can back up your confidence with a little friendly boasting; but don’t overdue it and get cocky.  Women like to be impressed, but they may not want to show it for fear that it will go to your head.  When you’re good—and you know you’re good—you don’t have to talk about it or get points for it.  Be humble (and smile on the inside).


6.         Listen to her, be present, and give her your undivided attention.

It’s very easy for women to tell when men aren’t paying attention to them, and most of the time it’s insulting. Women know you have other things on your mind (or nothing at all); but when you are in the moment with your woman, be sure to be in the moment with her, pay attention, listen, and give her your best.

7.         Gush with compliments and praise. Play show and tell.

Women appreciate constant praise, and they’re worth it.  Don’t make the mistake of assuming that just because you’re with her that is supposed to mean to her that you love her and appreciate her.  No.  You have to show her and tell her how amazing and fantastic she is.  How beautiful she looks, how hot she is, and all her other great qualities. Praise the qualities you like to see in your woman, daily and often. You may feel like you have chased your woman and she is caught, but you should never stop chasing her.  Let her light up your life with her beauty and radiance.  Delight her with shameless public displays of affection.


8.         Treat her like gold and only have eyes for her.

There is only one standard here and the bar is set very high—you must treat your woman as the most precious thing in your life.  She needs to know and feel that she is your one and only romantic love.  Make your relationship all about giving.  You show her how much she means to you by the quality of the time you spend together, how you take care of her, how you listen to her, talk with her, be affectionate with her, share your intimacy with her, and romance her.  You should be thoughtful, considerate, and understanding; as well as playful, happy, and deeply connected with each other.  A few things on the never-to-do list:  take her for granted, put her down, mistreat her, hurt her, get jealous and accusatory, pursue other women, or lose her faith and trust in you.  Be a man of integrity.

9.         Take her out on lots of Date Nights.

Women like pleasant surprises, so be sure to take her out often and show her a great time. Wear nice clothes. Take her to a nice place. Turn on the charm and spark some romance.  Be sure to make it fun.  Don’t tell her where you’re going—just give her an idea of what to wear, and take her by the hand for the night’s festivities.  You can take her to your favorite place once in a while, but the trick is not to be predictable.  Be thoughtful.  Show her that you’re doing your best to make a great date, and she will love you for it.  You can never overdo it in the romance department.  Take her on romantic getaways too.


10.       Learn how to be a great kisser and a consummate lover.

Easier said than done, but it’s a labor of love and well worth the effort.  Slow down.  Savor the sensual delights and build the anticipation.  Discover her Seduction Strategy.  Every woman knows and fantasizes about how she likes to be touched, held, kissed, and loved.  Being good isn’t good enough.  Being great isn’t good enough.  If you want to win your woman’s body, mind, and soul, you have to be EPIC!  You have to be so resolute in your masculine presence and energy that your woman will surrender into your love-making and allow herself to be filled with your love.

Those are the rules—ignore them at your peril.  Learn ’em and live ’em.  There’s a lot of wisdom in the expression Happy Wife – Happy Life.  Give your woman your best (she deserves it) and see what happens when she wants to show you how much she appreciates you.  Life is good.

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