Denver’s Hot Spot for Couples who want:

A Closer Relationship

Better Communication & Understanding

Deeper Intimacy & Bonding

Passionate Mind-Blowing Sex

Ultimate Love Satisfaction & Bliss

Join in the fun as we explore all the things that make relationships great.  We will share an evening of discovery and exploration, as you and your lover enjoy reconnecting, touching, kissing and rekindling the fires of your passionate love affair.  Don’t be surprised if you connect with your lover deeper than ever before, and discover a whole new level of happiness that you didn’t know was possible.

When we say connect, we mean on every level—mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

We created Friday Night Delights because we want to help you learn what works and what doesn’t work.  We understand the problems and challenges you’re facing, and we have the solutions you need to overcome them (and we’re not afraid to tell it like it is).

If you and your partner can identify with the following two groups, then Friday Night Delights is the program for you and you should sign up for the very next date.



What He Wants:

•  He wants to have more sex (with a minimum of fuss).

•  He wants his woman to be happy, and whenever she is not happy he wants to fix it.

•  He doesn’t understand why she gets so upset and wishes he could understand her better.

•  He wants to feel more respected, significant and appreciated for being the man.

•  He wishes his woman came with instructions, especially a quick-start guide for sex.

•  He wants to enjoy other parts of his life, such as hanging out with his buddies, without feeling guilty.


What She Wants:

•  She wants to enjoy having more romance and savor the seduction.

•  She wants to lose herself in passionate bouts of sex and not rush through them.

•  She wants a man, not a boy.

•  She wants to feel more connected to her man, and for him to be emotionally available.

•  She wants to be cherished and treated like a Goddess (and she deserves it).

•  She secretly wonders if her love life will ever be as hot as her fantasies.

•  She too wants to be respected and appreciated—and not taken for granted, ever!

•  She wants her man to pay attention and listen to her when she has something to say.

•  She wonders how men can be so clueless, and why they just don’t get it.

•  She wants to feel utterly accepted and secure in her relationship, and never have to worry about other women.

We call it a playshop instead of a workshop because the whole program is designed to be entertaining and fun.  There will be lots of laughs, maybe a few tears, lots of love and great energy in the room, music, dancing, and refreshments.

We took a dry topic like sex that’s normally dull and boring, and figured out a way to make it interesting and fun.  Okay we’re being facetious, but most people don’t talk about sex, and they go through life thinking they’re supposed to be good at it without ever having learned how to be good at it.

Here at Friday Night Delights, we will not only help you in the sex department in terms of how to do it (and do it well) but also why having all the other aspects of your relationship humming along leads to great sex.  Areas like communication, intimacy and bonding.  Of course women naturally understand this better than men do, but we will make sure the men get it too (and if they don’t, we have a special 2 x 4 to hit them over the head with).

The length of the program is about three hours, and then we will stay as late as it takes to answer your burning questions.  The cost of the program is $279 per couple, and we are happy to back that up with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Besides all the entertainment and having a great time, our couples will be eligible to win prizes, earn gift cards for referring their friends, and get discounts on the private VIP coaching package if they want to take advantage of that.

Our couples will also be eligible for advanced level playshops to be scheduled as the classes fill.  All of the couples who attend our advanced level programs will be invited to attend our special annual retreat at an all-inclusive private resort in the mountains (and be invited to return every year).

Besides our own continuing education, we will network with world-class experts in the fields of romantic love and sex, schedule special event classes, and bring everyone together to always be learning and growing together in love. We want your love life to be truly delightful.

It all begins with Friday Night Delights and it could turn into life-long friendships with other beautiful Mile High Lovers.  We will all be able to stay connected with our own Facebook page.

Click below to register now, and be sure to read our “What to Expect” notice to get more information about what to wear, what you can expect to see and hear in terms of nudity, sexuality, colorful language, age restrictions and so on.