(These are handy little notes to leave for your lover to find later in the day.)


1.  You really rock my world, and tonight I’m going to rock your world!

2.  You mean more to me than words can say… so let’s kiss.

3.  I’m hiding a dime somewhere inside my clothes, if you can find it you can have it.

4.  Let’s draw a luxurious bath tonight and wash each other’s back.

5.  Show me your Road to Glory and I’ll trace it with my tongue.

6.  This weekend let’s have hot sex in every room in the house.

7.  After dinner tonight, I’m going to have you for dessert.

8.  Redeem for one free back rub (sure to promptly turn into a front rub).

9.  I want to take you for a ride tonight and you can ride me good and hard.

10.  Let’s start dancing and end up naked by magic. I want to lose myself in your arms, in your touch, in your kisses, in your love.