We all want to be wanted, need to be needed, and love to be loved; but how well do we communicate our wants, needs and desires to our lover?  And how well does your lover listen to you and process your communication?

Men and women have completely different communication styles. Women tend to think and communicate in terms of relationships and connection. How do people treat each other and how does that make them feel?

Men tend to think in terms of facts and problem-solving. Women are more about the process, and men are more about getting to the bottom line. By nature women tend to be cooperative while men are more competitive. And the list goes on.


Given that no two people are alike, and that each relationship has its own communication dynamics and challenges; there is no handy list of rules that applies to all people universally. But there are key principles to effective communication that everyone can use to communicate more harmoniously.

That means you get your wants, needs, and desires met better—and who wouldn’t like that?

At our Friday Night Delights playshop for Lovers, we will not only teach you these key principles, but we will use them right there on the spot. Our course and techniques are designed to revolutionize your relationship and take it to the next level.

For example, ladies, how many times have you tried to communicate something to your man that is really important to you, only to find that he’s not paying attention to you? In fact, he seems to be thinking about something else and he’s not even present with you and connected to you? We have a cure for that and it’s one of the highlights of the night.

Men on the other hand are pretty simple. They just want their woman to be happy. They really don’t want to think about it, or work at it. When a man finds himself in the doghouse and he doesn’t understand why his woman is unhappy, he just wants it fixed. That’s what men like to do—fix things. In order to fix something you have to know how it works. But men don’t understand how women work and that leads to frustration and strife in the relationship.


At stake are the deeper levels of intimacy, love and romance, bonding and connecting; and they can all be enhanced and improved with better communication. You can get everything you want, but you have to be able to communicate what you want to your partner.

Some of these photos may remind you of a situation where the couple is struggling and exasperated to get on the same page. The woman may be thinking, “How could he be so clueless?!?”  At the same time he’s thinking, “How come she’s so upset?”

I like to share the adage for couples to “Keep the fights clean, and the sex dirty.”

It’s nice for couples to know that when they do get into a heated discussion or a conflict of some sort, they can communicate well and get through it quickly with the least amount of friction and hard feelings.

That being said, learning how to communicate with each other better is a great investment in your relationship and one that will pay off big dividends for many years to come.


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