1.  Tease:  Next time you go to a dinner party, right before you sit down, hand the man your (wadded up) panties and whisper that you are naked under your skirt and that you are already wet. Be sure to knock his knee with yours under the table, and if he tries to run his hand up your thigh, let him get close and then push it away. Wear the shortest skirt you can get away with. This is especially good at a business dinner, or at his parent’s house. Don’t forget to wear your halo.

2.  Role Playing:  She is a high-class hooker who picks her man up in a hotel bar. Negotiate, have your romp and pay her in cash. Note: what makes this the most fun is to create and get into a character that is completely different from your normal self, and stay in that character, no matter what happens! You can set up a safe word in advance, “muskrat.”

3.  Find a grassy yard where you can have some privacy and set up a slip and slide. Have fun with it and get the hang of it with your suits on. Then the suits come off, and eventually you go down it together. Wheeee  Just try wiping that smile off your face. The image of your sun-kissed hot naked body sliding by him all wet will be burned into his brain till the end of time.

4.  Have quickie sex in a public place (someplace where there is a danger of getting caught, but not in trouble).

5.  Tie your woman’s hands together, pin her down, pull her wet panties off, and have your way with her. If she’s into it, you can add hair-pulling and spanking. Don’t forget your safe word. It’s not uncommon for a woman to secretly fantasize about being tied up and taken against her will; but be sure to check with your woman first to see if that’s a sex game she wants to play.

6.  Go to an adult novelty store together, split up, and pick out three things you think your lover will really like. Then present them and get their feedback. Rinse and repeat. Compare notes and learn. At the end of the outing, get each other the thing they liked the best, take them home and have fun with them.

7.  Role Playing: Pretend you’re both back in school and she is a virgin. Take her on a dinner and movie date and see if you can get around the bases. Remember the thrill and excitement of the first time you got to feel and see a woman’s breast, and recapture that magic. Stay in character, which means if he wants to go “all the way” he’ll have to take you to the prom.

8.  After a romantic dinner, get out a bunch of dessert ingredients like cake, chocolate sauce, berries, and whipped cream. Undress your woman naked and have her stretch out on her back on the kitchen counter or table, and then proceed to build an artistic dessert all over her torso. Snap a photo before you dig in and then eat it all off of her glorious body. Just like an ice cream cone, be sure to lick up all the drips (especially between her legs). Feed her some too and give her lots of kisses. It’s going to get messy and sticky, but it will be the best dessert you ever ate. Ice cream optional.

9.  Have a Fantasy Fest. Take turns sharing hot and wild sexual fantasies, and try to outdo each other. The catch is that you can’t let on whether you’re making the fantasy up (as a fiction) or if it’s something you really want to do and fantasize about. And your partner can’t ask. Ever! You can even make it a game. Score each fantasy on a scale of one to ten, and the first person to reach 100 gets oral sex. (Bonus: Listen to the words your partner uses and the feelings they convey, and that will help you understand him or her better sexually.)

10.  You’ll need at least an hour or more for this one, and the woman should start off fully dressed with a tight shirt, tight jeans, bra and panties, tennis shoes and socks. Tell the man that you’d like to curl up on the couch and watch a movie, but warn him that you’re really turned on and will probably want to have sex. He’ll start making out with you, and you let him, but whenever he tries to start taking your clothes off, you resist. You put up a bit of a fight. He may think you’re just having some fun with him and play along. But when it gets time to undo your pants, you absolutely keep pushing his hand away. Finally he will ask politely, WTF, and you tell him that yes you are turned on, and yes you do want him to take you… but you’re not going to just give it away. He has to work for it. He has to take it. And then the two of you wrestle while you thrash and kick and he tries to get you out of your pants. Good luck. You might want to wear a sacrificial pair of panties because by the time he gets you out of your pants, he’ll probably just rip your panties off. The more you fight him, the more he won’t believe it, and if he loses his focus with your pants half way down while he is fumbling with your shoes, pull your pants back up! Hah! You should expect to get pounded, so don’t start unless you’re in the mood for that.  Don’t break the couch.

Bonus:  If you’d like to get some more juicy and smoking hot sex game ideas, please be sure to attend our Friday Night Delights event (because we’ll be inviting couples to volunteer to share their hottest and wildest sexcapades ever).