The truth about penis size.

Does Size Matter?

It depends…

This question seems to pop up all the time, so let’s take a good hard look at the facts.

Most men will say yes (but for all the wrong reasons).

Conversely, most women will say no.  This makes sense because most women describe their man’s penis as “average” or “normal.”  And they’d be right because most penises are average in size—about 90% being five to six inches long when erect and about an inch and a half in diameter (according to the best available research on the topic).

This length makes sense physiologically as well because five to six inches is the approximate depth to reach the cervix where men (happily) deposit their sperm.

Thanks to watching porn, most men have the misguided perception that women secretly crave a massive erection that’s rock hard, lasts for hours, and several women at a time could climb all over it like a jungle gym. Of course that’s not real life, nor is it what most women crave.

What women crave is confidence.  Women enjoy the connection and intimacy of romance as well as the physical sensations of sexual play. So if you really want to be BIG, impress your woman with a BIG commitment to her pleasure and satisfaction.

If a large group of women got together and came to a consensus about what gets their juices flowing and makes them happy in the bedroom; the top of the list would include things like their man being strong, being tender, being patient, and being connected. I like to tell people it’s not what you got that counts, it’s what you do with what you got.

Regardless of penis size, most women do not achieve orgasm from sexual intercourse by itself. This is not to say they don’t enjoy intercourse, but rather they need some kind of additional stimulation/friction to achieve an orgasm (usually involving the clitoris).

The quality of your lovemaking is more dependent upon all the factors leading up to intercourse, followed by how well you come together as a couple and enjoy the experience. I’m convinced that at this wonderful juncture in life, the size of the penis is the last thing on the woman’s mind (barring exceptions for men well outside of the normal range).

The shocking fact most men don’t know is that the majority of nerve endings inside the vagina (which enable the pleasurable sensations for women during intercourse) are within the first two inches of the opening.  This is great news for all the men and women who enjoy using their fingers and tongues on their happy search for buried pleasure.

So why do men worry about being too small? Penis envy? Locker room envy? Why do men endlessly obsess about the size of their penis when most women could care less? Most likely because that’s what they’ve been conditioned to believe is normal as a result of watching porn (a topic for another day).

Here’s an interesting phenomenon:  Most men think that a guy who does have a larger than average penis must have supreme confidence in bed. As if it were something to be especially proud of. Forgetting for the moment that that isn’t necessarily true or accurate, it has nothing to do with women. Most women could care less. If anything, most women find it difficult to have sex with men who are above average in the size department. Many women also report that intercourse can be painful when they are penetrated too deeply (say deeper than six inches).

So all things considered, the size of a man’s penis is relatively unimportant—at least where women are concerned (and why else should it matter?).

It’s debilitating to worry that your penis is too small; but when faced with the objective facts, it’s easy to see that you’d be worrying about the wrong thing. Focus instead on being a good man, and treating your special lady with lots of love, affection, and romance.

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